Teaching And Learning Environment

In order for a player to become better it is imperative that an environment is created which is conducive to “Learning.” The Carolina Soccer Training Centers utilize the finest teachers in the sport of soccer to impart their knowledge to eager players. some of the nation’s top collegiate and scholastic coaches explain, demonstrate and then organize an unique learning environment through creative and innovative teaching methods. Also, assisting in the developmental process is the demonstration displayed by some of the best professional and collegiate players in the country.

It is vital that the player/teacher ration remains as low as possible to give that special individual attention and specific instruction needed to become that “Special Player”.

Training Center Director

The Carolina Soccer Training Centers will assist you at any stage of your soccer development. From the novice to the ODP advanced player, our curriculum is designed to meet your field player, goalkeeping and team needs.

Through innovative and creative teaching methods, our goal is to create a positive learning environment for all players to enhance their physical and mental abilities, while striving to reach their full potential as a “Complete Soccer Player.”

Bob Winch, Camp Director

31 Years as an NCAA Collegiate Coach at the Following Schools;

The Citadel

Clemson University

Auburn University

University of Central Florida (UCF)

Brandeis University

2 Time Southern Conference Coach of the Year

Centers of Excellence

The “Centers of Excellence” philosophy is offered by the Carolina Soccer Training Centers to assist our young students in coping with the many demands and pressures of a developing athlete and maturing in general. During every session our staff instructors will discuss such topics as academics, peer pressure, goal setting, nutrition, prevention of injuries and strength training and the importance of striving to be their best in all their endeavors.